Metal stamping bending

2022.08.23 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

During metal stamping processing, there will be some small problems at any time, either this kind of problem or that kind of problem. There is also a problem situation that is quite different from that of the mold. In addition to considering the design size of the forming mold, the processing precision, the blanking gap, and other factors. Bending processing is a processing method in which a bending moment is applied to a material to deform it, and bending stress is generated internally due to the action of the bending moment.

  1. The amount of spring back increases with the increase of the radius of curvature, and decreases with the decrease of the radius of curvature. Although there are slight differences due to different materials, it is generally appropriate to select the plate thickness below. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the Z-small curvature radius of the bending sheet.
  2. When the gap between the punch and the punch is larger than the thickness of the plate, the sheet cannot fit on the punch well. The larger the fillet radius of the punch, the greater the amount of spring back. On the contrary, if the gap is too small, the spring back is almost eliminated, but it turns into an inward slope. Generally, the gap is 0.O2-O.05mm smaller than the thickness of the plate.
  3. When the radius of the fillet at the shoulder of the die is too large, the part opens outward, and when it is too small, the part tilts inward. Generally, 2 to 4 times the thickness of the plate is selected.
  4. The bending depth is small and the inner and outer openings are large, and the outward opening decreases with the increase of the depth. Generally, the bending depth should be more than 4 times the thickness of the plate.

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