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Stamping Metal Parts for Electronic Device

Electronic device stamping metal parts are components that are used in the manufacture of electronic devices such as motor casings, stators, maglev sheets, upper & lower covers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These parts are typically made from sheet metal and are shaped using a stamping process, which involves using a stamping press and a die to shape the metal into the desired shape.

The stamping process is efficient and cost-effective, and it allows manufacturers to create parts with precise dimensions and high levels of consistency.

Electronic device stamping metal parts are important because they are a key component of many electronic devices and help ensure that the devices function properly.

Stamping hardware material

Stamping materials of the consumer electronics parts, maglev sheet, and motor casing motor are SECC, SUS, and SPCC, the thickness range of Feng Yu's stamping processing is as follows:

  • SECC electrolytic lead galvanized steel sheet (T=0.5mm-2.0mm)
  • SUS stainless steel (T=0.3-1.0mm)
  • SPCC cold rolled carbon steel sheet (0.5mm-1.0mm)

Stamping surface treatment

Feng Yu can provide the surface treatment process of electronic Device stamping parts as follows:

  • electroplating

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