Precision Hardware Parts Expert

Industrial application

Feng Yu's excellent precision machining capabilities create high-quality hardware components for customers, with a wide range of applications. The key components we produce are used in micro-motor cooling, household appliances, consumer electronics, communication products, office interface equipment, auto parts, computer interface equipment, power supplies, automation machines, etc.

Micro Motor Cooling Fan Parts

Motor shell, stator, bracket, rotor (silicon copper sheet), spring plate, heat sink, etc.

Home Appliance Hardware Parts

LCD TV, air conditioner, stereo, DVD, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric fan, portable gas stove, etc.

Consumer Electronics and Communication Equipment Components

Mobile phones, video cameras, digital cameras, PDAs, multi-function telephones, MP3, digital entertainment equipment, etc.

Main Production Product Types and Application Scope

Office Equipment and Peripheral Parts

Printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, shredders, projectors, MFPs, etc.

Various Other Hardware Parts

Power supplies, small transformers, automated machinery and equipment, precision instruments, automotive hardware components, etc.

Computer and Computer Peripheral Parts

PC: Chassis, power supply, keyboard, mouse, FDD, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Combo, laptop and peripherals, etc.

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