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Vehicle Stamping Metal Parts

Vehicle stamping is a process in which metal parts are shaped by using a stamping press and this process is commonly used in the automotive industry to create car body parts such as doors, hoods, trunk lids, automobile flange, transmission brackets, and bicycle internal transmission.

The process involves using a stamping die, which is a special tool that is shaped like the desired part, to shape the metal. The metal is placed between the die and the stamping press, and the press applies pressure to the die, which shapes the metal into the desired shape.

This process is efficient and cost-effective, and it allows manufacturers to create metal parts with precise dimensions and high levels of consistency.

Stamping hardware material

The materials suitable for manufacturing vehicle stamping parts are as follows:

  • SAPH440 (T=2.0mm)
  • A6063 aluminum alloy (1.0-6.0mm)
  • SPCC cold rolled carbon steel sheet (T=2.0-3.0mm)
  • Q235 carbon structural steel (T=2.0-3.0mm)
  • TBA245 container plate material (T=1.0-3.0mm)

Stamping surface treatment

Feng Yu can provide the surface treatment process of vehicle stamping parts as follows:

  • electroplating
  • electrophoresis
  • dehydrogenation
  • heat treatment

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