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Micro Motor Cooling Fan Stamping Metal Parts

Micro Motor Cooling Fan Stamping Metal Parts Manufacturer in China

Micro Motor/Engine Cooling Fan Stamping Metal Parts

Motor stamping is a type of metal stamping. Stamping replaced part production through die forging and machining, resulting in significantly reduced part costs.

Stamping parts including motor housing, stator, maglev sheet, and upper and lower covers.

Stamping hardware material

Stamping materials of the micro cooling fan, stator, the motor are SECC, SUS, and SPCC, the thickness range of the FENG YU's stamping processing is as follows:

  • SECC electrolytic lead galvanized steel sheet (T=0.5mm-2.0mm)
  • SUS stainless steel (T=0.3-1.0mm)
  • SPCC cold rolled carbon steel sheet (0.5mm-1.0mm)

Stamping surface treatment

  • electroplating

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