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Precision Metal Stamping Parts
Application of Stamping Parts: Household Equipment, Outdoor Sports Equipment, Automotive.
Stamping Hardware Material:
  • SPTE Tinplate (T=0.3-1.0mm)
  • ST-S Steel Cold Rolled (T=0.5mm-1.0mm)
  • SECC Electrolytic Lead Galvanized Steel Sheet (T=0.5-2.6mm)
  • SUS Stainless Steel (301T=0.5-3.0mm)
  • SUS Stainless Steel 304 (T=0.5-3.0mm)
  • SUS Stainless Steel 430 (T=0.3-0.5mm)
  • SUS Stainless Steel 31 6(T=0.5-1.0mm)
  • 08F Steel (T=1.0-3.0mm)
  • Q235 Carbon Structural Steel (T=0.5-3.0mm)
  • 45# Carbon Structural Steel (T=1.5-3.0mm)
  • AL1060 Aluminum Plate (T=0.5-3.0mm)
  • AL6061 Aluminum Alloy (T=0.5-3.0mm)
Stamping Surface Treatment: Electroplating, Spraying, Plastic Spraying, Baking Paint, Phosphating, Welding, Electrophoresis, Dehydrogenation, Anode
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