Springback of Metal Stamping Parts Solutions

2022.09.20 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Stampings with different strengths, from ordinary plates to high-strength plates, have different yield strengths. The higher the yield strength of the plate, the more likely it is to rebound.

During the forming process, the thickness of the sheet has a great influence on the bending performance. With the increase of the thickness of the sheet, the spring back phenomenon will gradually decrease. This is because with the increase of the thickness of the sheet, the materials involved in plastic deformation will increase, and then the elastic recovery deformation will also increase. Therefore, the springback will decrease. Metal stamping shrapnel.

The spring back of parts with different shapes varies greatly. Parts with complex shapes are generally subject to one-step shaping to prevent spring back when forming is not in place. Some parts with special shapes are more likely to spring back, such as U-shaped parts. In the analysis of forming process, spring back compensation should be considered. Hardware stamping mold base.

The blank holder force stamping process is an important technological measure. By continuously optimizing the blank holder force, the material flow direction can be adjusted and the internal stress distribution of the material can be improved. The increase of blank holder force can make the part drawing more full, especially at the side wall and R angle of the part. If the forming is sufficient, the internal and external stress difference will be reduced, thus reducing the spring back.

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