Application advantages of precision metal stamping

2022.09.05 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

The precision metal stamping is no longer a fashionable thing. People in the industry know that the process is the same, and it is inseparable from it. However, with the upgrading of technology, its advantages will be greatly improved this time.

Looking back at the past few decades, the development of the manufacturing industry has grown from nothing, and now it has blossomed everywhere. The GDP has been rising, the commodities are rich and diverse, the material is abundant, and people's living standards have improved.

Now we have officially entered the era of information technology. The speed of technology replacement is self-evident. Stamping parts will have great prospects in the application of 5G communication chassis and intelligent robots. The following will analyze the two.

5G communication chassis

The 5G era is a feast of communication technology. The interval between each update is about ten years, which may be shortened in the future. As the basic needs of military defense and people's life, it has the same importance as water and electricity. Nowadays, it is widely used in commercial use. It is necessary to lay a large area of 5G communication chassis all over the country to ensure the subsequent signal transmission of various 5G equipment. As a part of the chassis, there will be a steady stream of demand for precision metal stamping parts, and more attention will be paid to quality issues in terms of product characteristics because this kind of base station equipment has been installed outdoors for a long time and needs to face problems such as wind and sun exposure. , the service life is longer.

Intelligent Robots

With automation upgrades, intelligent robots are used in the production, packaging, and handling of many products. The benefits are obvious, such as high efficiency, good quality, and long-term operation. Among them, the most widely used is the logistics industry. In the huge logistics warehouse, hundreds of thousands of commodities are distributed according to the data center, and instructions are issued to each robot, including a series of actions such as accurate warehousing and placement, delivery, and handling. Precision metal stamping parts are one of the important parts. The flexibility and durability of the robot play a major role, especially in the operation of the machine joints, which not only have moderate hardness, and good metal stretching properties, but also have anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. It can be seen that the development prospect is very broad.

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