Process Characteristics of Metal Stamping Parts

2022.08.11 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping parts are widely used in daily life, and a large part of metal parts are made by stamping. Today, let's learn about the process characteristics of metal stamping parts.

Hardware: parts produced from steel or some rare metals, production, and processing methods: cold/hot stamping, extrusion, extrusion, electric welding, drilling, these also include other processing techniques, which are widely defined.

Stamping parts: It is widely used in hardware processing, which means that under the indoor temperature standard, material plates such as steel or rare metals pass through the mold, and are produced and processed by the press to form a metal product with a specific shape under the pressure of the machine.

Precision shrapnel stamping parts are widely used in all walks of life in our daily life, including some electronic components, auto parts, and architectural decoration materials. Generally speaking, stamping parts generally refer to cold stamping parts. For example, if you want to turn a stainless steel sheet into a disc, you must first design a set of molds. The work surface of the mold is the plate. It looks like, pressing the stainless steel plate with a mold will turn it into the disc you want. This is cold stamping, which is immediately using a mold to stamp the hardware material.

Video of Automotive Transmission Bracket Stamping Die Test

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