Use of processing metal stamping parts

2022.08.31 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

8 purposes of machining metal stamping parts

  1. Auto parts

    mainly include automotive functional parts, automotive instrument parts, automotive relays, automotive electronic components, etc.
  2. Electronic parts

    mainly including connecting devices, connectors, brush parts, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.
  3. Home appliance parts

    mainly include home appliance parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, small home appliance parts, Various structural parts, functional parts, etc.
  4. integrated circuit lead frame

    It mainly includes a discrete device lead frame and an integrated circuit lead frame, for chip packaging.
  5. Motor core

    commonly known as stator and rotor, mainly including single-phase series motor core, Single-phase household motor core, single-phase shaded-pole motor core, permanent magnet dc motor core, industrial motor core, plastic-encapsulated stator core, etc.
  6. Electrical iron core

    mainly including E-type transformer iron core, EI type Transformer core, I-type transformer core, and other transformer core chips.
  7. Heat exchanger fins

    mainly include industrial heat exchanger fins, household heat exchange fins, automotive heat exchanger fins, etc.
  8. Other parts

    mainly include instrument parts, IT parts, acoustics, and camera parts, modern office parts, everyday hardware, etc.

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