Congratulate! Feng Yu's new official website is online!

2022.03.31 | Company News
Congratulate! Feng Yu's new official website is online!

For a long time, Feng-Yu's new official website has finally been officially launched to serve customers.

In the past, Feng-Yu has been focusing on completing the customer's entrustment, committed to the improvement of processing technology, and accumulated its own strength.

However, in view of the advent of the Internet marketing era, in order to expand Feng-Yu's services and let more customers and potential guests know about us, Feng-Yu has carefully planned a new website to show the advantages we have accumulated over the years and let everyone know that Feng-Yu can do Not only general hardware processing but also plastic injection molding, plastic and hardware components and so on.

Through the planning and compilation of the official website this time, we discovered that before we knew it, Feng-Yu had been accompanying customers for half a century! We have also accumulated rich hardware processing strength bit by bit and accompanied many customers to complete one project after another, and the achievement of customers has become our solid ability!

Thank you for the customer support that has always believed in Feng-Yu, and thanks to all the colleagues of Feng-Yu for their hard work and many cooperating manufacturers. This time the official website is launched, which means that Feng-Yu has entered a new era of online marketing, and it is also Feng-Yu’s step down. A challenging milestone!

Feng-Yu will continue to uphold the original intention and continue to move forward in line with the original intention of "talents, common interests, and sustainability"!

Feng-Yu is a China custom metal stamping manufacturer that was founded in 1971, based on our mastery of precision hardware processing technology and nearly 50 years of experience. Hardware processing provides key components for many industrial equipment and products, such as processing hardware stamping parts, injection molding parts, automotive stamping parts, precision hardware stamping parts, medical devices stamping, and other products. Our company provides a one-stop service process from drawing receiving to sample delivery, with stable quality and commitment, please contact us.

If you have any needs for stamping parts or are interested in our metal stamping services, welcome to contact us.