Hardware stamping processing to meet different customer needs

2022.08.15 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

In recent years, although China's metal stamping processing industry has developed a lot, it lags far behind the development of the machine tool industry. According to data, China's current annual sales of metal stamping parts are 10 billion yuan, of which the share of metal stamping hard tools is less than 25%. with a growing need.

At present, the imbalance of the metal stamping processing structure is the wrong way of production and demand. For example, the metal stamping processing required by users is very large, but the high-speed steel metal stamping processing is overproduced. There is a huge shortage of much-needed parts in modern manufacturing, but there is an overproduction of low-grade parts. To the technical development trend of the machinery manufacturing industry, the proportion of CNC machine tools in Chinese factories will increase year by year, and the demand for parts will increase rapidly, while the demand for traditional standard parts will decrease year by year.

China is a major producer and exporter of metal stamping. Among the power tools sold in the world, most of them are produced and exported from China. China has become the world's leading supplier of power tools. Although China's metal stamping industry has a large scale, many metal stamping production companies usually lack core competitiveness, and are difficult to grow bigger and stronger due to factors such as weak technical innovation ability, too single market structure, and weak brand influence.

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