Four requirements for precision metal stamping

2022.08.09 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

1. The chemical composition of the material

Generally speaking, the lower the carbon content of steel, the lower the impurity content, the better the plasticity, and the lower the hardness.

2. Material surface quality

The materials of precision shrapnel stamping parts are mostly steel plates, and thin plates are commonly used. There are certain regulations and requirements for the surface quality of steel plates. The surface of the material is smooth, free of scratches, impurities, pores, and shrinkage holes; the cross-section of the material is free of delamination, and the mechanical properties are not significantly damaged; the surface of the material should be free of rust, oxide scale and other attachments. In the stamping process, the material with good surface quality can obtain a smooth surface and high-quality stamping parts, but it is not easy to break and damage the mold during the deformation process.

3. Microstructure

The mechanical properties of metallic materials depend not only on their chemical composition but also on their microstructure. Generally speaking, the microstructure of the metal is very fine, but the plasticity is very large, which is beneficial to the deformation of the material during the stamping process. However, if the microstructure of the metal is too fine, the strength and hardness of the material increase.

4. Thickness tolerance

In the process of precision shrapnel stamping, the requirements for thickness tolerance are relatively strict. During the stamping and forming process, there will be high pressure and even parts damage.

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