Prolong the service life of metal stamping parts

2022.08.01 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality requirements for stamping parts are also getting higher and higher. Stamping parts processing plants should pay attention to understanding customer needs and meeting customer needs, which is the top priority. The service life of stamping parts is a point that customers are very concerned about, so how does the metal stamping parts factory need to operate to prolong the service life of the processed metal stamping parts? The metal stamping parts processing factory will explain to you how to operate it.

  1. The processing of precision metal stamping parts needs to be strictly inspected before use, and the dirt should be removed. Carefully and carefully check whether the guiding sleeves and molds of the stamping parts are well-lubricated.
  2. Carry out inspections on the turntable and die mounting base of the high-speed punch press as planned to ensure the coaxial output precision of the left and right turntables.
  3. Install the concave-convex die on the turntable according to the mold installation procedure process to ensure that the orientation of the concave-convex stamping parts is consistent, especially the stamping parts with orientation regulations (non-ring and square) should be more careful to avoid reverse installation and safety.
  4. When the die base and cavity blade of stamping parts are worn out, they should be stopped immediately and repaired immediately, otherwise, the wear level of the die blade will be rapidly expanded, the die wear will be accelerated, and the quality of the stamping parts and the service life of the die will be reduced.
  5. The processing staff of precision metal stamping parts should use soft metal materials (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make special tools for actual operation when installing the mold, so as to avoid damage to the stamping parts when knocking and smashing in the whole process of installation.
  6. In order to better ensure the service life of the stamping parts, the spring of the mold should be replaced on time to avoid spring fatigue damage and the application of the stamping parts.

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