Rust and corrosion of processing hardware stamping parts

2022.08.03 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

With the development of society, metal stamping parts have been applied to all aspects of our daily life. The requirements for stamping parts are constantly improving, and the quality requirements for precision metal stamping parts are also getting higher and higher. Surface corrosion and corrosion of precision metal stamping parts is a very common problem, so how do prevent rust and air oxidation, and other problems? Next, high-speed continuous stamping dies manufacturers will popularize how to prevent metal stamping parts from rusting and corrosion.

Precision metal stamping will use an electroplating process, and the treatment methods include galvanizing, electroplating copper, copper-nickel alloy, etc. When encountering customers with lower requirements for products, generally galvanizing can consider product demand. For the surface treatment method of stamping parts, the cost of galvanizing is low. Its advantage is that it is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust.

Especially in a relatively humid or dark natural environment (such as outdoor precipitation) or in the middle of wet and cold (such as next to a water pipe), the galvanized surface of metal materials will become soft with corrosion, and the skin will be damaged in the early and early stages. Whitening, blistering condition such as molting. Until the galvanized layer is etched intact, the surface of the stamping is exposed and the maintenance of the galvanized layer is lost. When the coating is lost, the hardware configuration will rust and get worse over time, losing the ability to apply it.

So, how to prevent such galvanizing damage and increase the use time of precision metal stamping parts? The surface of the thickened galvanized layer. Based on the thickened galvanized layer, paint a layer of fully transparent paint. After these two aspects are carried out, the application life of stamping parts can be greatly increased.

Video of Quality Inspection of Stamping Parts: Automobile Transmission Bracket

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