Prevent Metal Stamping Parts from Becoming Waste Products

2022.09.19 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Many of the products we use in our lives are made of metal stamping parts, but friends who are engaged in metal stamping parts processing know that if there is no correct operation, it is likely that the metal stamping parts will become waste products in the processing process. 

In view of this situation, how can we prevent metal stamping parts from becoming waste products? 

  1. The raw materials used in the metal stamping parts shall conform to the specified technical conditions, and the specifications and brands of the raw materials shall be strictly checked. At the same time, the workpieces with high requirements for dimensional accuracy and surface quality shall be tested and inspected.
  2. The used press dies, and other tooling equipment can only work under normal working conditions. All links specified in the process specification shall be strictly observed. During the stamping process, the mold cavity shall be kept clean, and the orderly processed workpieces in the workplace shall be placed neatly.
  3. In the production process, a strict inspection system has been established. The first stamping part must be inspected, and it can only be put into production after passing the inspection. At the same time, patrol inspection has been strengthened, and accidents should be handled promptly.
  4. Adhere to the civilized production system, such as the transfer of workpieces and blanks must use the appropriate station apparatus, otherwise, the workpiece surface will be crushed and scratched, which will affect the surface quality of the workpiece.

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