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2022.08.07 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping parts are very common metal processing products in life, and they play a very important role. Let's understand the measurement method of metal stamping parts.

The hole measurement of metal stamping parts takes a small value according to the measurement method of the stop gauge, so the small value can generally be recorded when the vernier caliper is used for recording.

The larger value and the average value of the processing record of metal stamping parts have no practical significance. For the dimensional difference measured in each dimension of the diameter, it should be recorded in the concentricity of the dimensional tolerance, not the diameter.

The processing of precision shrapnel stamping parts is also a surveying and mapping project, and there is no specification to refer to, you should depend on its cross-sectional condition, not just take the average value. For example, the small value you measure may be its punching needle. It is caused by wear at a certain point, when the bright band of the cross-section is very small, then this small value is meaningless.

Generally speaking, the wear of the punching needle in the metal stamping parts factory is caused by the shrinkage of the punching machine (the special-shaped hole needs to be analyzed in depth). Therefore, in the case of surveying and mapping projects, the larger value can be taken. Don't forget the cross-sectional quality. In the case of needle manufacturing, the larger value within the allowable error of the basic specification of the diameter is multiplied by 0.5~0.75. The metal stamping parts have a wear rate. After some time, the punching machine is reduced, but if the cross-sectional quality is acceptable, then its value is still within the dimensional tolerance range, and it is appropriate to take a larger value.

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