Processing conditions of designed stamping parts

2022.09.23 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

No matter where the designed and produced stamping parts are used for processing, they need to be designed and processed in strict accordance with the corresponding principles, so as to achieve energy conservation and other purposes on the premise of ensuring product quality.

What are the design principles for stamping parts?

  1. The designed stamping processing needs to be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specification of materials, and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible. If allowed, low-cost materials can be used to make stamping parts for processing, so as to make the parts blank without waste and with less waste as far as possible.
  2. The designed stamping part processing needs a simple shape and reasonable structure, which is conducive to simplifying the mold structure and simplifying the number of processes. In this way, the whole part can be processed with less Z and simple Z stamping processes, reducing the use of other methods for processing, and is conducive to stamping operations, facilitating the organization of mechanized and automated production, so as to improve labor productivity.
  3. The processing of the designed stamping parts also needs to meet the product use and technical performance and can facilitate assembly and repair. At the same time, Yeah is conducive to the use of existing equipment, process equipment, and process flow to process them as much as possible, and is conducive to extending the service life of the die. Stamping parts processing equipment.

In addition, the designed stamping parts shall be processed in such a way that the requirements for the dimensional accuracy grade and surface roughness grade are as low as possible under the condition of ensuring normal use, which is conducive to product interchange, reducing waste products, ensuring stable product quality, reducing its cost and improving its value.

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