Common Sense of Precision Hardware Stamping

2022.09.27 | Technical Knowledge
Precision Metal Stamping Parts

There is much common sense in hardware processing. In hardware processing, there are main measures to reduce manufacturing costs. According to the total deformation properties of materials, hardware processing processes are divided into two categories and five types of deformation in the stamping process.

Main Measures to Reduce Manufacturing Cost in Hardware Stamping

  1. Hardware processing improves the rationalization level of technology.
  2. Improve mold design level, reduce working procedures and improve mold life.
  3. To improve the automation and high-speed level of the stamping process and reduce costs.
  4. Design the mold for simultaneous processing of each workpiece. Hardware stamping.
  5. Take measures to improve the utilization rate of materials to reduce costs.

Total Deformation Properties of Materials into Two Categories

  1. Separation process: under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part of the material exceeds the strength limit of the material, and the sheet breaks and separates.
  2. Plastic deformation process: under the action of external force, the stress of the deformed part of the sheet exceeds the yield limit of the material, but does not reach the strength limit. When the sheet does not reach the strength limit, only a plastic deformation table is generated to obtain a certain shape and size.

Five Kinds of Deformation in Hardware Processing Process

  1. Stereo pressing: redistribute the volume and transfer the material to change the blank shape or height thickness. Bending: the flat sheet metal is changed into a bending piece so that the shape of the bending piece is further changed. There are bends, curls, twists, etc. Precision parts processing.
  2. Calendering: Hardware processing is to press flat blanks into hollow pieces of the required shape, or further change the size of the hollow pieces.
  3. Forming: change the shape of the workpiece or blank with local deformation of various properties. The forming deformation includes undulating forming, flanging, necking, protruding belly, rolling, and shaping.
  4. Cutting and blanking: part of the material is separated from another part if it is not closed or not closed. Such methods include blanking, punching, trimming, cutting, sectioning, cutting, etc.

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